Property Real Estate Sites

Top 10 Property Real Estate Sites in Pakistan

How Property Real Estate Sites Work

The Property Real Estate Sites does not only advertise any property project but also describes its qualities and location. This helps the buyers and sellers to get each other, these are the websites which are having communication between both parties related to real estate.

Types of Property Real Estate Sites

First, understand Property Real Estate websites are naturally focused on listing and managing properties for sale. These sites are great for those interested in renting or selling their property. Two types of real estate sites: one is a marketplace called a property portal too.

  • Portals and Marketplace 

Property portals are the websites where you can buy or sell your properties in any area, this website allows you to search all the properties in your current location and nearby areas. It is the perfect tool for not only property agents, real estate agencies, home builders, and developers but it allows buyers and sellers to contact each other. 

  • Company Profile Website

The company profile website does not allow you to buy or sell any house directly from property owners, but it lets you view the information about Real Estate projects that offer properties for sale and rent in different states. But now almost all property real estate sites allow you to submit your property yourself and get direct buyers.

Places To Find Property in Pakistan

Regardless of how you get to know about real estate, you can always go and find a reliable source. An excellent source of information is your neighbours. Real Estate agents are also one of the sources where you can find out the most affordable and trustworthy properties in town. But let us see some tips through which you can use and buy a property worth thousands of Rupees without spending any money.

When it comes to purchasing a new home, you still have no clue which property to buy. Maybe, you are looking for a residential property in Lahore or Islamabad? But how can you choose the best one property with a limited budget? Now, we will tell you some trusted sources of real estate in Pakistan that can help you with buying the right property at an affordable price.

You know that real estate in Pakistan is an important investment that can help you to earn a good amount of money in your pocket. It’s very important for us to buy the best properties that can give us profit with less carrying charges. We are not supposed to waste your money on any kind of property. But there are some real estate agents who hire the most expensive homes for their clients by showing them lots of expensive things and convincing them with their convincing speeches.

Tips To Make Your Search For A Property Easy:

Buying a property in Pakistan can be challenging. Consideration needs to be given to many factors before investing your money into buying a home. If you don’t have enough experience in buying properties, it will be difficult for you to know how much things cost, when they should be bought or whether they are worth the price they are charging you.

How is it that there are so many real estate companies in Pakistan and so little information about them? Would you like to buy land or property at a reasonable price without working all your life? Perhaps, you want to sell your house or apartment, but don’t know where to go for this. There are several ways out; One way is to hire someone who will be able to help you with the best price. And another way is to post/add your property for sale on any Property real estate site.

So that you can find a buyer who is waiting for your property, for example, you are trying to sell 1 Kanal house in DHA Phase 4. And you are looking for a buyer who wants to buy a house in DHA Phase 4. So now all you have to do is visit any popular property real estate site and post or add your 1 kanal house. As a result, you will get a buyer who is looking to buy a 1 kanal house in DHA 4. Affirmative this is the piece of business in which both the property seller and the buyer need a property real estate site.

Finding A Suitable Real Estate Project For Investment

If you are looking for a suitable place to invest your money, then it’s wise to go for real estate. The problem is if you aren’t familiar with the process, then you will end up losing the opportunity. Well, here comes Advanced Property Management Companies that can help you in finding and buying the Properties which are according to your budget and affordability. Leading property real estate companies in Pakistan exist to offer you various services related to real estate. 

These property real estate websites are used by people who want to buy or sell their properties and at the same time to find out about different options available for each one of them. The data and info related to property and services are now available on the internet with advanced property management offerings. The best way to acquire the property is to acquire it within the budget you have. At Property real estate sites, they can help you in buying a house according to your needs, investment, and pocket.

The property market in Pakistan is extremely competitive which has made it difficult for beginners to find a suitable investment. So, finding the best option is extremely difficult. This is where online real estate services come into play with their advanced tools and platforms. They make buying real estate in Pakistan simpler and easier.

Top 10 Real Estate Sites in Pakistan

  1. Chohan Real Estate
  2. Zameen
  3. OLX
  4. Graana
  5. Lamudi
  6. Ilaan
  7. Anabia Associate
  8. Redbox Estate
  9. Agency21
  10. Syed Zamin

Real estate is a “hot” topic, and if you’re looking to buy your first home or move up in your investment portfolio, you need to know which websites to visit. Here, we highlight the top 10 property real estate sites in Pakistan. It is time to look at the best Property real estate websites in Pakistan, I understand how difficult it can be to choose from all the sites available online. Finding a trusted source of information can be tough and here’s a guide on how we think you can make it more efficient for your search.

No. 1 Chohan Real Estate

We believe that Chauhan Real Estate is the oldest and largest real estate in Pakistan. Pakistani property portals are providing excellent opportunities to buyers and sellers. Visitors can take help from the website portal of Chohan Estate and get opportunities to invest in property.

No.2 has made its mark on property real estate websites. This property real estate website offers a wide selection of property listings. However, its reputation has waned over time. Since then it has emerged as a real estate agency along with the property portal. used its property portal platform and collected data of the best investors in Pakistan. 

Now it is launching big real estate projects by giving its name with the help of these real estate investors. There is outrage in the real estate market over this action by

No. 3

Undoubtedly, OLX is one of the well-known free ad posting websites. In addition to the property, numerous listings of mobiles are available to buyers on it. When began to be infamous, it started property ads listings. However, it is now also a child website of as it has bought it. offers 3 free property ad posting opportunities.

No. 4 

The website portal of is the fourth most famous property real estate site in Pakistan. You can take help from this website portal and get opportunities to invest in any property.


Lamudi is the fifth among the top ten Property real estate sites in Pakistan. You can search for houses, flats, and villas in any city of Pakistan and add them to your property wish list if you want to sell your existing property.

No. 6

Ilaan is a Property real estate site that focuses on properties in Pakistan. If you are looking for a Property after selling your current property, you can also search on It is one of the top ten sites which has good potential to offer great services.

No. 7 ( The Mark Of Trust)

Anabia Associate is also in the running for Pakistani’s top ten property real estate sites. It is Pakistan’s leading and trustworthy property real estate site. It has got almost four million visitors in Pakistan and all around the world. Anabia Associate gives you the facility to search for your desired house and buy. If you want to sell, then it’s easy; just click on the “Submit Property” tab and add your property to our house selling listings by uploading pictures, videos, descriptions, etc.

Property Real estate sites in Pakistan are booming these days. It’s hard to get a good quantity of information about properties for sale and queries about them. But, our site ( can provide a complete solution for this problem by giving you information on how to find a good property from among the ones being offered and also how you can check the credibility of a real estate agent or builder who is selling that property on your behalf.

No. 8 Redbox.Estate

Redbox is one of the most popular property real estate sites in Pakistan. With its good content and fast navigation, it will help you get what you are wanting in property listings.

No. 9

If you are planning to sell your property or looking for a new Property, Agency21 is one of the best-known Property real estate sites in Pakistan. Make sure you check out our website and see if it suits your needs. You can view different types of properties, list properties for sale or add a property if you want to sell it.

No. 10

Syed-Zameen is a real estate site in Pakistan. Syed-Zameen was started in 2015 and is among the top ten real estate sites of Pakistan. Those looking for property real estate sites should also check it out.


Do I Need a Lawyer If I’m Buying a House?

No. Unless you are buying your house with a loan or in probate, you do not need a lawyer. The seller or his agent will provide you with all the documentation you need.

What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A Property?

The first thing you need to do is to check that the land you are planning to buy is not already owned by another person. It will be necessary to perform a deed or a title search.

You need to do your research on the real estate market in your area before you start looking for a house.

This is a very important question and is answered by the real estate agent or the property agent who deals with you while you are buying your dream house. The property agent will tell you several things need to be done before you buy a house.

How To Buy Property?

First, you need to identify the market you want to reach. There are three major markets, owner-occupier, investor, and landlord. To buy a house or any property, it’s important to know how much you can afford. In order to make the right decision, you should look into several factors like the area where you are interested, the kind of property you want to buy, whether you can afford the loan for the property, and so on.

It is not so easy to buy property. You need an agent and a lawyer who will assist you. If you need assistance with real estate, you can contact an agent in your area. If you’re thinking about buying property, they’re the best people to ask.

What is the property tax in Pakistan?

Property taxes are a major source of government revenue in Pakistan. It is levied at a rate varying between 4% to 15%. Land area and property value determine the rate.

A Pakistani household pays a flat rate of Rs 1,200 per annum to pay tax on their house. This payment is made once a year at the beginning of the year.

Why You Should Look For a Real Estate Agent in Pakistan?

To buy a property you need an experienced real estate agent because he will help you to choose the right property at the right price for you. In a few words, real estate agents are the people who show you the properties that they have on their own. This is not just about finding properties to buy, but they also help you when it comes to selling properties.

In other words, you can say the Real estate agent is the person who helps to purchase or sell a real estate property. A broker represents a seller and a buyer, not the seller itself.