Selling Property In Pakistan

The Complete Guide To Selling Property In Pakistan

Selling Property in Pakistan can be a tricky thing in the sense that it requires expertise and an understanding of the local market conditions. To get a better idea, we will have a look at the factors involved in selling property. Selling Property in Pakistan can be very easy for those who are familiar with the country and its people. Most importantly, one needs to figure out how to sell the property without facing any problems.

For this, there are different ways of selling the property. Each of them can be chosen according to your choice and budget. The property sector in Pakistan has seen tremendous progress in recent years. 

This has been driven by a rise in demand for housing, an increase in the middle-income group, a growing number of young couples who are looking for housing, and the emergence of many new builders and developers. How much do you want to sell your property? The average value of residential property in Pakistan is around RS. 500000/Marla. When your property is valued at more than 5,000,000 then you can get more money for it.

The best way to sell property in Pakistan requires the help of a professional Real Estate Agent. Property transactions are not simple in Pakistan. There are many obstacles like local politics, local mafia, and corruption involved in buying property in Pakistan. Selling property is a complicated process in Pakistan.

The seller needs to do everything from searching for an appropriate buyer, getting the property ready for sale, and then finding a good price for the property. Selling Property in Pakistan can be a lucrative endeavor when you are willing to get into the real estate game.

How To Sell Property In Pakistan: Complete Guide For Sellers

When you are buying property in Pakistan, it is important to be knowledgeable about the legal requirements in owning land. We will try to help you with everything you need to know about the real estate market in Pakistan, how to find profitable deals, and what it takes to close a property transaction successfully. 

What Is A Deed?

A deed is a legal document that can be used to prove ownership of the real estate and other property. It is especially important for large real estate transactions.

Deeds are divided into two categories – freehold and leasehold deeds.

Steps Involved In Selling Property in Pakistan.

If you have decided to sell property in Pakistan then it is very important that you understand the steps involved in selling property in Pakistan. The process of selling property in Pakistan involves different steps. 

  • Put your property on the market
  • Find the right property portal for sale.
  • Prepare for the listing.
  • Write the perfect property description.
  • Put professional photos of your property.
  • Negotiating price.
  • Registering the property with a local Real Estate Agency.
  • Preparing the house.
  • Avoid the Common Mistakes.
  • Dealing With Clients.
  • Make Sure That Gains Taxes Are Paid
  • Fix The Documents.

Common Mistakes that People Make While Selling Property In Pakistan

Selling a property in Pakistan is a very challenging task that requires careful planning. Many factors need to consider before selling your Property. You need to decide whether you want to sell your home for the value of the real estate market, for the price of your house, or for a certain amount of money. The more you ask for, the less you are likely to get in return.

You need to determine the type of property that you want to sell, such as a detached house, apartment, or duplex, and whether you want to list your house for sale on an open market, or if you want to sell it privately. Once you have decided how you want to sell your property, the next thing that you need to know is what kind of platform you are looking for.

Mostly the people who are looking for a property don’t realize the mistakes that they make when buying or selling a property. You can make these common mistakes when you are looking for a property. Taking these measures will prevent many of these problems, you need to learn how to sell your property.

Needless Upgrades 

Before you sell your house, you need to consider whether you should upgrade or not. We think that you need to do is not overspend on your house when you are selling it. This is because a lot of people spend a lot of money upgrading their homes. As a result, they often spend more than they expected and this is not good.

People often prefer to buy a new home instead of an older one. For some reason, people tend to think that a new home is better. In actual fact, the opposite is true. If you own an old home, then it may be time to sell it and purchase a new one. An old home poses problems when you are trying to sell it.

It will cost you money if you have to repair anything in the house and if you want to sell it, you’ll have to pay higher prices to the seller.

Forget About Location

If you are looking for a property in a specific area, then you need to be aware of what kind of properties are available in that area. For example, you don’t want to sell your property in a highly populated area because it will not sell as easily as a property that is located in a remote area.

Ignore The Condition Of The House

There are so many houses in the world that are in a bad condition, but the people who live in these houses don’t care much about their condition of the house. The condition of the house doesn’t need to consider the condition of the house. You just need to know whether it has a garden, or if it is located close to the main road.

Neglect The Legal Issues

If you are selling your property through a real estate agent, then he will take care of all the legal issues for you. However, you need to make sure that you are aware of the fact that you are liable for the legal issues that arise during the sale of the property.

How to Sell Your Property in Pakistan?

There are three ways in which you can sell your property. One is by using professional real estate agencies and the second one is by submitting property listings on a real estate portal. And the last is ads classified in newspapers. Here are some of the best ways we can use to sell our property. 

Let’s discuss both of them one by one.

Professional Real Estate Agencies

The first and most important step is to contact a good real estate agency. You can get a list of the top real estate agencies in the market on the internet. You need to check the testimonials of the agencies that you are considering. After that, you will have to prepare the list of properties that you want to sell and shortlist those properties that you have in mind.

Real Estate Agent Commission

As you can see, there are many things that you will have to deal with. You need to find out the agent’s commission first. It will be the cost that you pay for the agent to sell the property that you want to sell. The agent’s commission is usually between 1% to 2% of the total sale price. Remember that the amount of money you have to pay the agent is called commission money.

Selling Property Through Property Portal

The internet has become the platform for marketing your product or service. You can make use of the internet to market the Property that you are selling. You can make use of property portal sites like,,, etc. to promote your properties.

Selling Property Via Newspapers Ads

When you want to sell your Property, it is necessary to advertise it in the newspapers. Get your property listed in all the newspapers within the city where you wish to sell it. Also, ensure that you write a good description. You should advertise the property by putting up posters or by placing it in the newspaper. You will also need to put the details about the property in the newspaper ads.

We Recommend Online Real Estate Listings 

When selling your property, it is advisable to post your property on online real estate listings. You can find numerous property listings online. These online property listings include websites that list rental apartments, homes for sale, and homes for rent. There are sites that specialize in real estate listings. Some of them are property search sites and others are local real estate listings.

You can use any of the methods mentioned above to sell a property. But Our tested online property listing is very popular all over the world today. It is a great way to find an investor for your property. Online property listings can help you sell your property quickly and at a good price. 

Selling Property In Pakistan Through Online Property Listings

Property listings can be found at the Internet. There are many companies that offer property listings. You can contact them and ask them about this. Some of them provide you with a free listing but some charge money for that. It is always better to check out their reviews before buying one of their services. You can also find real estate agents online. Some of them do free listings while others ask you for money.

You can go for whichever one you think is best for you. When you list your property online, you can find a lot of buyers and investors. You can reach a large number of potential buyers because they can view your property through the internet. The best thing about online property listings is that they allow you to put in as little information as possible about your property so that you can show them everything about your property right away.

Showing Your Property To Buyers.

You will find that your best interest is to do everything that you can do to get the property viewed by potential buyers. You should have an open house for any possible buyers to come and view the property. You should have pictures taken of the property in different places, such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, baths, roof, yard, etc. Have a table with brochures on the property for people to read and view.

You should do your best to make your home look as good as possible. When potential buyers look at your property, they will feel excited. They will want to buy your property and will consider it to be an investment.


We covered the various aspects of selling property in Pakistan, including the local market, Online Property Listings, Newspapers Ads, and other factors. You will also have to figure out what the local market is like and whether it is a good idea to sell your property at all. Selling Property in Pakistan is a risky venture. It requires some preparation and planning.