State life Housing Society Development

Supply of Electricity in State Life Housing Society Lahore

The supply in State Life is now satisfactory. For providing electricity to the residents of Phase – I, State Life Housing Society Lahore applied to WAPDA for establishing a Grid Station in the Society for making electricity available to both the phases to which they agreed. At present the electricity is being supplied to the residents through one 400 KVA Transformer and four additional 200 KVA Transformers, which is at present sufficient to meet the requirements of Phase – I residents. Apart from electricity supply to the residents there is a network of Street Lights along the roads of the society. For street lighting electric poles along with electric installations have been installed on roads throughout the Society.

State life Housing Society Development in Electricity

Hundreds of new transformers have now been installed in the society. And now new transfers are being installed in its J and G blocks, which are new blocks. So that electricity, which was a long standing problem, can be solved forever. In fact, the society is now affiliated with LESCO. As almost  every societies get electricity from WAPDA in Pakistan.