Spark Smart City

Spark Smart City Islamabad Best No.1 Housing Project

Spark Smart City Islamabad is a newly established housing project in Islamabad that is located on the prime land of Islamabad. It is a smart housing project and its infrastructure is being built on an international standard. The project is offering world-class facilities to the residents and is offering a comfortable living experience to its residents.

The city is designed to international standards and it has been built on modern design. Its residents will enjoy a high-quality living experience. The city has received a complete makeover and now it is a much cleaner place. It has made a huge difference to the lifestyles of the people of Islamabad. 

With the help of the government, the quality of water has improved and people can use the water for drinking purposes. Moreover, the government has also built a sewage treatment plant. This will decrease water pollution. Spark Smart City is a wonderful project for the people of Islamabad. It will provide clean water to the people and help to save the environment as well.

Islamabad City

This smart city provides the best education facilities and the best infrastructure to the people of Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s number 1 housing society and is located in the city of Islamabad. Islamabad is a great city and has a lot of attractions. A number of national historical monuments are located here as well. Spark Smart City is not only a big project but also a great step towards Pakistan’s development. It will have a positive impact on the whole country and will provide a better living for the people.

Location Of Spark Smart City

The Spark Smart City is located at a prime location. which is situated at main Dhamial Road, near Chakri interchange, M2 Motorway, near Islamabad airport. It is only 3 km away from Islamabad’s international airport.

The location of the city will be on the main Dhamial road of Islamabad. The main road will be connected with the M2 motorway from the Chakri interchange. The M2 is a very busy road and it will be easy for the people to travel to the city. This will make the life of people much easier and also the traffic will be reduced. Upon completion of the housing project, people will start moving there.

You don’t have to worry about traffic jams or bad roads. There is an M2 Motorway nearby which makes it easy to get to. You can use the Expressways to get to Spark Smart City. Accommodation here is a great choice for you. You can enjoy a lot of benefits living here. People live in this area in large numbers. For fun, many people enjoy going to the park. This place is also very clean and safe. The area has many parks and green spaces nearby.


There is an urban transport system that connects the city to the other major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi, and Multan. The city is very famous for its parks, gardens, shopping malls, recreational spots, nightclubs, and several other activities.

Also, the city is home to several prestigious educational institutes. Some of the popular universities include Islamabad University, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore College for Women, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, and Pakistan Institute of Development Economics.

Spark smart city has many parks, gardens, recreational sports, and sports centers. The city has its own cricket stadium and also has indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, and volleyball courts. It is home to some modern entertainment centers and cinemas. Islamabad is also famous for its nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. There are a lot of shopping centers and markets that are spread all over the city.

Security features

Spark smart city is one of the best places to live and is considered a safe and secure city. The city is surrounded by a wall and there is a huge security force patrolling the area. The city is well lit and it has good nightlife. This Housing Project is very safe and it is one of the best places to accommodation in Islamabad.

Payment Plans

The Spark smart City announced two types of payment plans for each category. Which are the PER MONTH PLAN and HALF YEAR PAYMENT PLAN mentioned below.

Payment Plan for 5 MARLA Plot

Spark smart city Islamabad offers a credit line facility for its customers. This facility is offered for a period of 3 years installment. The monthly installments of this plan are Rs. 9833, and the installment of Half years plan is 1,37,666 for 5 Marla Plot. You must have paid 20% advance which is approximately Rs. 300,000 as a downpayment.

Payment Plan For 7 MARLA Plot

The spark smart city Islamabad is offering a 3 years installment plan with a 20% down payment. The cost is RS. 14666 for every month. For example, if you pay Rs 2,200,000 for 36 Months, it will cost you Rs 14,666 per month. And RS. 205333 for Half years installment plan. That’s what you’ll have to pay for 3 years.

Payment Plan For 10 MARLA Plot

Spark smart city Islamabad provides different types of payment plans for its customers. For instance, you can choose between fixed and flexible payments. With fixed payments, you pay the same amount RS. 20666 every month. On the other hand, with flexible payments, you can pay the same amount after every six months which is Rs. 289333 continuously for six times. The down payment amount of 10 Marlas is also 20% of the total amount. the down payment amount is 620000 for ten MARLAS. The Spark smart city Islamabad also has monthly and yearly payment options. 

What Does The Smart City Look Like

You can visit the spark smart city Islamabad and find out what it looks like. It’s a new area filled with shops, restaurants, and places to hang out. You will see different types of stores there. You will also see plenty of art and culture. This is an online community for Spark smart city Islamabad residents. There is no hesitation that we all need a place to live. But sometimes, the cost of living is too much for us to bear. That’s why we have Spark smart city Islamabad. It offers affordable plots, and you can get one with the lowest possible monthly installment. Due to this, you won’t be required to pay more than you want to on installments. You can even buy your own plot at a lower price. 

Spark Smart City has a very good view of Islamabad city. It is also very clean and there are no complaints. This housing society Islamabad is located in the center of the city. It is easy to reach via public transportation. There are good restaurants and shops around. You can use it as a place for recreation. The best thing about this housing society Islamabad is that it has security and a very peaceful atmosphere.

The Goals Of Spark Smart City Society

The main goal of the spark smart city housing society in Islamabad is to help poor and lower-income families. Society is trying to provide an affordable houses for poor people. So, they can live in a better and clean environment. Society also provides basic facilities such as safety, cleanliness, and comfort. It also provides an environment where people can relax after a long day.

Make Consumers Feel Exclusive Or Connected

The concept of Spark Smart City is to provide a place where people who want to live in a peaceful and friendly environment can live.

Here Are The Best Things That Spark Smart City Housing Society Has To Offer:

  • Safety

Spark Smart City will ensure that the people who are living there will have a feeling of safety. It will provide a 24-hour surveillance system that will ensure that the residents will not face any kind of crime.

  • Security

Spark Smart City will ensure its residents’ safety and security. It will provide a 24-hour security force to ensure that the residents will not face any kind of crime.

  • Community

This Project will provide a platform for its residents to interact with each other. It will have a community hall, which will be a place where the residents will meet and have a conversation.

  • Friendly Environment

Spark Smart City will provide a friendly environment for its residents. They will be able to interact with the other residents and share their thoughts and ideas.

About Developers

Spark smart city is a new housing project by spark and diamond marketing. Mr. Waseem Malik is the CEO of Spark marketing. It promises to be Pakistan’s most eco-friendly, highly energy-efficient, and affordable housing scheme. The company is also creating an innovation hub where developers and architects can come together to design homes that meet the needs of the 21st-century urban population. 

They believe that it’s time to build a better future for our cities. Spark is the pioneer of smart city development and we continue to lead the way in the delivery of innovative, eco-friendly urban living. Our mission is to provide property that meets the needs of modern families. it is also design to reduce the impact on the environment by delivering energy-efficient, well-designed housing solutions. Which are better for people and the planet.

Developer Mission

They aim to play a key role in the changing landscape of urban planning by creating efficient and sustainable solutions for the development of smart cities. Developers are currently working on a new housing project called Spark smart City. It will provide an excellent lifestyle experience for its residents, who will be able to gather fresh air and light indoors without ever leaving their homes.


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