Sewerage system In State Life

Sewerage System in State Life Housing Society

There is a well-built sewerage system developed for the residents of the State Life Housing Society Lahore. The total length of the sewerage line is 2.56 km for Phase – I with an additional of 4.82 km of rain water drainage network. The capacity of the sewerage water storage is 318,056 liters and a pumping unit is also installed over there for draining the sewerage into the main drain. This story about sewage is old. State Life has now modernized it.

The Best Sewerage System

The State Life Housing Society has also improved its sewerage system. By the way, water drain here was good before but considering the current rainfall situation, it has been further improved. On rainy days we will never find water here. Large pipes have been installed to divert sewage into the Rohi drain. No one living in the society says bad comments about this here because they know that the system of this society is the best.