Properties for sale in Kamahan

Properties for Sale At Kamahan Road Investment Opportunities

Having a house of our own is a desire we all cherish but in these exorbitant times buying a housing is difficult but we know of a place where your dream of having a house can come true. There are properties for sale in Kamahan road and these properties are your chance to have a house of your own.

Kamahan road is located near Shanghai road. In its north lies Asiana housing scheme and DHA phase 9 Prism and not just that from Kamahan road State life cooperative housing society, Bankers town and Ferozepur road can be accessed at a miles distance. In the expensive and high rated city of Lahore it offers what a middle class person desires. There are properties for sale in Kamahan and this means that there is an opportunity for you in this area to have your dream residential or commercial plot. Kamahan road doesn’t just offer residential or commercial plots it offers villas and farmhouses as well and all that on Reasonable and affordable prices.

Fun fact about Village Kamahan.

The areas which now belong to Bankers town, State life cooperative housing society and DHA phase 9 prism was once belonged to Village Kamahan. It has given it valuable areas to these societies and made them irresistible. Add value to the quality of your life and get your self a house or plot in here because for now there are properties for sale in Village Kamahan.

The properties which are available in Kamahan road has the areas from 3 Marlas to 20kanals and Kamahan road has all the prerequisites of a modern city life so if you are searching for a right place to have a house in welcome you have found your place..

Kamahan village Lahore.

The main attraction of Kamahan road is Kamahan village. It is the second largest village in Lahore district and it is situated near DHA phase 4. The location has added immense value to Kamahan village. The cultivated area of this village has been used mostly in the making of societies like state life cooperative housing society and DHA phase 9 prism and because of this Kamahan road has increased a lot in value. What’s more to Kamahan village? It is a tax payer. Yes you heard it right. Out of its 30000 population most are tax payers.

Kamahan road is an expensive are but the chance of having of house here is very much an option for now. There are properties for sale in Kamahan road. Secure the deal before all is sold.

You must be thinking what is the best place in Kamahan road to have a house in? Kamahan road is not only famous for Kamahan village it is famous for its colonies as well and in these colonies your future house or shop is waiting for you.

Properties for sale in Kamahan road at Haji Abad colony.

Haji Abad colony is known for its beautiful environment. The roads are well paved and all the necessities of life are available here like the uninterrupted supply of electricity and water. The is a little lack of gas here but that issue can be tackled. There are plots and houses available both for residential and commercial purposes and their size varies from 5 to 10 Marlas to 1 to 2 kanals and the prices are affordable. So if you are scratching your head on the question of having a beautiful location of your dream house Haji Abad colony is your answer.

Properties For Sale At Kamahan Road In Munir Colony.

Munir colony has all what the man of middle class means desire. It is beautiful and serene. The roads are well paved and the houses are aesthetic. There is a chance for investors in this colony. The commercial plots are available here at affordable prices and not just that if you are looking for a house to live in the option is also in reach here. Both the residential and commercial plots of Marlas and Kanals are waiting for their future denizens which could totally be you. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to Munir colony and buy your dream house.

Newly built properties for sale in Kamahan road in Bhati colony.

Bhati colony has spacious residential and commercial plots. It is beautiful and aesthetic and it is the chance for a lifetime for a middle man of merger means. If you are looking for your dream house or your dream commercial space Bhati colony is the ultimate choice you should make. It is offering it’s plots of 5 to 10 from 1 to 2 Kanals at affordable prices. Rush to it before it’s too late.

Properties For Sale in Atif Colony, Kamahan road.

Gas is the only problem which exists here in Atif colony of Kamahan road but the availability of it is on its way. Other than this, this colony has what a person desires in a dream colony. It has spacious houses and well paved Roads. The residential and commercial plots of 3 to 20 Marla’s are to die for.. If you are looking for a place where you can buy your own commercial and residential space Atif colony is your answer..

Properties for Sale in Hajveri Housing Scheme At Kamahan road.

Another pearl of Kamahan road is Hajveei home aka hajveeri housing scheme. In this scheme the residential and commercial plots are available at cheap prices for you to avail. The areas varies from 3 to 20 Marlas to 10 to 20 Kanals so what are you waiting for? Rush to secure the deal.

Kamahan road is that golden opportunity which should never be wasted. If you are looking for a commercial or residential place of your own there are properties for sale in Kamahan road. Secure the deal through Anabia associates and save yourself the fuss of heavy documentation. Rush to Kamahan road and buy yourself your dream house. There are not many left.