Plots for sale in Bankers sing Society

Plots for sale in Bankers Housing Society Lahore

The main attraction of Bankers Housing Society is its proximity to major roads like Ring Road, Atta Bakhsh Road, Kamahan road, Lidher Rd, Shanghai Road, DHA Phase 5 Road. Lahore is an expensive city and it is not always possible for the working class or the middle class to have a house of one’s own in this beautiful Paradise but having a house of one’s own is a dream we all cherish and in this expensive era very few societies offer their plots or houses in economical rates but what if we tell you that we know of a society which is not only economical but the best in its features? The society where you can have your dream house is called Bankers cooperative housing society. Having a house here is very much a possibility and the location of this society is to die for.

Location Of Bankers Housing Society

On the north of Bankers Housing Society lies Ring road and DHA phase 4 which means you will have access not just to Ring road but to DHA phase 4 as well. There is a good deal for all those who are willing to have their own space. There are plots for sale in Bankers housing society on cheap rates. Secure the deal before all is sold.

Bankers housing society is not that big but it is beautiful. The environment of this society is serene and calm, there is greenery everywhere and this society is so full of nature that you will find the great deal of beautiful flowers and birds. Because this society has Direct Access to DHA it is rich in value, the plots and houses which are available here can be bought at affordable prices and not just that if you are a serious client you can get a discount too.

Residential in Bankers Housing Society.

Bankers Cooperative Housing Society has three blocks A B and C. The C Block is relatively new than the other blocks. The residential plots are available in all the three blocks at affordable prices so if you are looking for a place where you can have your own house, a place where you can plan your future for your children the plots for sale in bankers cooperative society is your ultimate answer.

It has all the prerequisites which make it reliable for you and your future generations. It doesn’t matter if you want 5 Marla plot/house, 10 Marla plot/house, 1 kanal or two kanal plots or houses all options are available here and you can avail these options at very reasonable prices. The C Block of Bankers Housing Society is directly attached to DVA (defence view apartment) which adds to its value so what are you waiting for? This society has what you need. Secure the deal before it’s too late.

Commercial Bankers Housing Society.

A great Billionaire once said if you don’t know how to make money while you are sleeping you will never make much progress in your life, he was referring to investment. The sure shot route to financial stability is investment, if you know about the technicalities of investment you are going to make a hell amount of money and Bankers Cooperative Housing Society gives you a chance to invest as well.

This society doesn’t just offer residential plots, it offers commercial plots as well and you can invest in the commercial plots, buy some for now and then sell them later in this way you will earn a huge amount of profit and if you don’t want to sell anything keep those commercial plots for yourself. Because this society has the Direct Access to DHA it is rich in value and because of that whatever will be built here will give you a huge profit. Commercial Plots for sale in Bankers Housing Society is your chance at investment and they are available at cheap prices for now but they won’t always be cheap. Rush to buy them before they are sold.

Why Bankers Housing Society?

  • This society is giving away it’s residential and commercial plots at affordable and cheap prices.
  • The administrative staff of the society is amazing, they know their work and they do it well. They are the one who have given this society it’s beautiful features.
  • Bankers Town has the parks where recreational activities are possible for you and your children
  • This society has serene and calm environment, it is full of nature and eco friendly.
  • Because of the direct access to DHA phase 4 this society is rich in commercial value.
  • The Allama Iqbal Airport is not so far from here.
  • Bankers Town has access to many nearby hospitals, schools and malls.
  • The security system is great, there are cameras installed everywhere which keeps an eye on all the happenings.
  • The architecture of the houses is beautiful; there is a Central air conditioning and Central heating system.
  • This society is spacious and not congested and last but not the least it has the hotel so if your guests are coming in you know where you accommodate them.

The basic necessities include the uninterrupted supply of electricity, gas and water. Bankers housing society has amazing sewage system and there are sweepers to keep it all clean and healthy.

Having a residential or commercial plot of your own is no more a dream. Rush to avail the plots for sale in Bankers cooperative housing society. Secure the deal through Anabia Real Estate and do yourself a favour. Anabia associates has been in business for decades and they know how to secure a great deal for their clients. They will save you from the trouble of dealing with heavy documentation as well. Your future house is awaiting you at bankers cooperative housing society. Secure a deal before all is sold out. It’s not a golden opportunity it’s the chance of a lifetime.