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Park Avenue housing scheme Lahore is excellent living facilities and is surrounded by greenery. A new destination for your happiness is Park Avenue. The plots are huge and have all facilities such as wide roads, and parking spaces. Park Avenue Housing Society is making a mark as a sought-after housing scheme because of its location and convenient access to prime commercial spaces.

If you are looking for a society that is LDA approved and wants to take over the plot immediately without the hassle of files then surely Park Avenue is your choice. Park Avenue is a place where you can live a quiet life, safe from noise, air pollution, and traffic noise. The administration at the housing scheme has always been very helpful and provides all the necessary information to the residents. 

Park Avenue Lahore Location

Park Avenue Housing Scheme is ideally situated on Jia Baga Raiwind Road, offering easy connectivity to all nearby areas. One kilometer away from Zaitoon Lifestyle toward Raiwind near Patrolling Highway Police Line. This housing scheme is located in an ideal neighborhood, along with the neighborhood Khayaban e Amin. If we want to go from Allama Iqbal Airport, we have to drive fifteen minutes on Ring Road and we have to exit of Hallaki Interchange.

This beautiful housing scheme can be found three kilometers away. Whenever we want to take a plot or invest in a new society, the first thing we need to keep in mind is the location of that society. From the location, we can estimate what is the market demand of the society and what is the price of land in it besides how safe it is. 

Introduction Of Fruit Orchard

For the first time in Pakistan, The Park Avenue housing scheme has introduced forests on fruits. This orchard will cover ten acres, most of which have been completed, adding honor and rank to the beauty of the society. Pakistani fruit plants grow in the garden. People living in the society enjoy the beauty of the head green garden. Its beauty also has a good effect on their health.

The park avenue move is truly admirable. There are small jogging tracks for morning walks in the gardens so that we can walk in the morning and enjoy our happy and healthy life. We should all encourage them to take this initiative on Park Avenue so that it can be common in every society.

What Are The Payment Plans 2022?

Take control over your investment business with this high-paying housing scheme. This is a great opportunity for you to invest some money and climb the first step of owning your own plot. You can use this method to start your own business anywhere in the world. Became the owner of the plot in Lahore get immediate possession and start construction today. Park Avenue is offering a ten percent discount on cash payments. A 10% percent offer deserves serious consideration.

The 3 Years Easy Installment Plan is also available for those who wish to purchase a plot in this housing society. Easy Installments are as low as 65,000 per month on 5 Marla. The Park Avenue Housing Scheme is indeed a great place to live in. It has attractive investment opportunities, the best payment plans, and lots of other facilities yet still retain its own identity.

Facilities in the Park Avenue Housing scheme

Park Avenue has everything you might expect from a housing scheme. It has wide roads, a clean environment, clean water, and well-maintained buildings. This scheme also provides 24/7 security and 3 mosques for its residents. There are parks for recreation, children’s playgrounds, and sports facilities. As a resident of Park Avenue, you are provided with a cemetery. In the Park Avenue housing scheme, we see several noteworthy features.

For example, no matter what happens to you, the police and fire service are always there to help you. They look after your safety and security so they can prevent arson or any other danger around your home. A modern food street and a branch of Soneri Bank are also available to facilitate the accomandeters

Features And Services

Here you will be provided uninterrupted electricity as the society is building its own grid station. Power is supplied through underground wiring. The housing society is also well managed by highly qualified and trained administration professionals who ensure that all facilities are properly maintained for the benefit of the residents. What comes to your How does the word “Park Avenue” make you feel? Well, probably a picture of gated communities and their eye-catching architecture. The impression you get from reading about the housing society is perhaps one of affluence and high-class living.

But do not be fooled by the apparent opulence of this project it has all the facilities you would expect from a housing scheme. The society has its own football ground, an open entertainment area, and a swimming pool with Jacuzzi. The housing scheme has good transportation links to the rest of the city.

Types Of Properties Which Are Available For Sale

Three types of properties are popular for sale and purchase in Pak Avenue. The first is residential plots, the second is commercial plots and the third option is new houses. Many peoples are ready to be purchased the properties which are available for sale in it. These are high-end and expensive houses in the heart of Pak Avenue, Lahore. The Park Avenue area is one of the most prestigious in the city and is home to many famous people, property prices here have always been reasonable.

Residential plots are classified into five sizes, these options are 5,8,10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. 

Houses For Sale in Park Avenue Scheme

Expert builders are building houses on Park Avenue. Building houses is something he’s been doing for years. Park Avenue is a housing society that strives to make the lives of its members as comfortable and convenient as possible. The layout of the houses’ interiors, which are constructed in such a way that the second one looks more beautiful than the first one.

Homes on Park Avenue are selling like hot cakes, there are hundreds of homes are available for sale. If you are also interested in selling your home, contact us. We will be helpful in your search, whether you want to buy a house or you want to sell your house. 

Residential Plots For Sale On Park Avenue 

Are you one of those people who prefers to build his own plot instead of buying a house from a builder? This is a great way to build a beautiful home of your choice with high-quality materials. Are you one of those people who prefers to buy his own plot instead of buying a house from a builder? Then the best place for you is at our office where our sales team is available round the clock.

If you would like to check out our available for sale plots, then we suggest you come to our office and have an enjoyable time with our friendly agent who will guide you through the process of buying that. Looking forward to working with you soon. 5,8,10 and 1 Kanal residential plots are available for sale and purchase in Park Avenue Scheme.

Commercial Plots for Sale In Park Avenue

The commercial plots are more attractive than any other type of property in Pak Avenue because it really attracts many real estate agents and buyers. Five Marla Commercial Plots are available For Sale In Pak Avenue on 4 years installment plan. The total price of 5 Marla commercial plot in this scheme is twelve million. So this gives you an opportunity to start your own dream project with a great profit.

Commercial Plots in Pak Avenue are beneficial an investment point of view. They are situated in different locations of the Scheme and they can hardly be compared to residential areas. However, there is no doubt that these plots attract many buyers because they have many advantages over other real estate properties. Commercial plots can provide you with more income than any other type of property.

2 Marla Sector Shops

Do you want to invest in a business in Pak Avenue? If your answer is yes, then its sector shops are made for you. The price of these shops is attractive, as they offer huge benefits with every single cent invested. This will help you further increase your investment over time. Pak Avenue is home to many business owners. From construction workers and chefs to shopkeepers, this commercial sector is a great place to invest in a business.

You can buy 2 Marla shops for sale in both A and C sectors for easy immediate investment. There are many other areas where you can invest in commercial shops. But these 2 Marla shops are on 4 years installment payment plan. The total price of 2 Marla Sector Shop is set at 2.3million.

 One million development charges will be applied on each Sector Shop.

About Developers

Park Avenue Hosing Scheme is a housing society being developed by Musa Builders. The owner of this housing scheme is Iftikhar Ahmad Sindhu, he belongs to Julke village. Mr. Iftikhar’s goal is to join the three existing housing societies with a new single road so that they can be connected together and have access to the public residents who live on Ferozpur Road, Raiwind Road, and Multan Road.

Which is very well known among the people due to the fact that it has been making its presence in the real estate industry. They have always been striving hard to offer the best service to their customers. They have a team of highly qualified professionals who can help society to get their dreams to come true.

Also provides options for those people who are looking for a safe and secure place to live in. They provide the best facilities to the clients. Their motto is “We create happy homes”.


Park Avenue Housing Scheme is situated in the city south in Lahore, so you can have easy access to schools, hospitals, malls, railways, airports and mosques. The area is also teeming with different fruits of the world. Shopaholics will find an unlimited option when it comes to shopping at Park Avenue.

The scheme has all that one could ask for, located in an urban area of Lahore. Which makes it an excellent place to live or visit. We hope you enjoyed our blog on park avenue housing society. We try our best to provide you detailed information of this housing society. I enjoyed helping you with this blog post.