Etihad Town Phase 2 Payment Plan

Etihad Town Housing Scheme Phase 2 Lahore

Would you like to find information about Etihad Town Phase 2? Congratulations, you have saved your time and you have reached your destination. Following the success of Phase 1, Etihad Town has launched Phase 2, which is being discussed everywhere. Etihad Town whose slogan is to bring affordable luxury accommodation to all of you and its example is Phase 1. Etihad Town means a community where we can all live together and relax. It is built on a unique model for residential homes that aims to provide aesthetically designed residential amenities. Which meets the needs and support of our residents. The project consists of a total of 2 Phase at this time.

Etihad Town Phase 2 Location

The Etihad Town housing scheme is located at Mouza Rakh Khamba, Tehsil Raiwind, Raiwind Road, District Lahore and it has become a hub for occupants. Located in the vibrant heart of Lahore, Etihad Town is a multi-million rupees development project featuring an array of high-end residential and commercial plots that offer modern and luxurious living spaces. At Etihad Town, Housing Scheme’s objective is to provide residents with a high standard of living. That’s why we invest in making sure that each plot is designed to meet and exceed our residents’ needs, so everyone can enjoy the best lifestyle possible. Etihad Town is where the big life happens. With a host of amenities and attractions, it’s the place to be.

Why Select Etihad Town Housing Scheme

If you are looking for a good place to live with your family then this is the place where you should live because this residential society provides you with all these things which will help you to enjoy a comfortable life and make your stay more enjoyable. A modern, stylish and stylish luxury housing community that offers its residents a convenient location, spacious residences, and innovative design amenities. Etihad Town is a world-class residential area with top-of-the-range facilities and world-class amenities. Many reasons exist for choosing this project, but here are some of them.

The Community Facilities:

The community facilities at this project are excellent. It has a gymnasium, restaurant, library, cinema, community center and many other facilities that can provide you with entertainment or relaxation after work or any other activity. A vast area of its land reserved for Parks and Masjid. There is no doubt that you will enjoy life to the fullest, if you choose the Etihad Town Housing Scheme as your home.

Good Location:

This location is not only good for living but also for business because there are many shopping malls and restaurants nearby that can help you earn money from your property easily. You will not have to worry about where to buy food or what kind of food to eat because there are plenty of options available nearby.

Etihad Town LDA approved:

Etihad Town consists of 1613 Kanals and 6 Marlas which has been formally approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) on February 6, 2021. 

Gated Community:

A gated community where maximum security is part of the lifestyle. You’ll have your own gated community in which you can relax and unplug from the world. No worries about your kids playing on the street or without a cell phone, because we’ve got you covered.

24hr Security System:

A reliable security system that monitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With its centralized design and numerous features, the system helps you to secure your home and family while making your life easier.

Jamia Mosque:

The Jamia Mosque is a symbol of hope, inspiration, and beauty. Muslims will be prayed and worshiped in this majestic and historic mosque. Now you can too. Jamia Mosque is a spiritual place where to pray and worship. We welcome our visitors with love and kindness, so they can be comfortable while learning about the beautiful nature of Islam.


These parks will be designed to maximize the community’s beauty and amusement. Beautiful parks for children, who will love to play in them!

Children Play Area:

Start your housing dream with Etihad Town Phase 2, where places to relax, play and enjoy.


The first thing every gym needs is a place to exercise. That’s why they created their own gym gear and fitness equipment — so you can make sure your family gets proper exercise in a safe environment.

Car Parking:

We offer ample parking spaces and reserved parking space for you to park without any worries. There is ample space for you to park and enjoy the experience of being in your car with this parking facility.

Underground Electricity System

This housing scheme is different from other housing societies is that it uses generators to pump out. The underground electricity system has shown how well we can handle our energy needs since it’s actually a renewable energy source.


The reason why these educational opportunities are so important is because they play a huge role in developing the minds of children. These schools are equipped with everything that could possibly help kids learn and grow – from teachers to modern equipment, such as laptops and interactive whiteboards. This makes it easier for parents to educate their children without additional costs and stress.


Quality health service to their residents and visitors. At First Community Health, Etihad Town provide comprehensive medical, dental, behavioral and nursing care to every resident. This Housing Society ensure that our clients receive the best possible care by utilizing the latest diagnostic techniques and treatments.

Commercial Plots In Etihad Town Housing Society

In Etihad Town, you can live and work in a vibrant and exciting community that attracts global talent. Etihad Town Housing Society has become a landmark in the city. Located in a multi-storey building, there is a huge market and commercial area. There are 4 and 5 Marla Commercial available for sale and purchase in its Phase II. these commercial plots of Etihad Town Housing Society can be booked on 2 years installment plan.

Residential Plots

3, and 5 Marla residential plots are also available in Etihad Town Phase II on 2 years installment plan. Etihad Town is a unique residential community where you can live in luxury, with spectacular facilities and a relaxed atmosphere. The property prices of Etihad Town vary from place to place depending on the location and size of your property. You can find different prices for your property depending on whether it is located close to the main road or not.

Etihad Town Phase Two payment Plan

Etihad Town Phase 2 is the biggest housing society in sub-urban Lahore. It features 2-year installment plans on residential and commercial plots. It comes with the best residential and commercial plots in the area. This plan will help you concentrate on your job, as you’re able to pay off the price in installments instead of one lump sum payment, which means a lower issue for you and your family. We have described 2 years installment plan in the above picture.

Etihad Town Owner And Developers

The chief executive officer (CEO) Mr. Muhammad Shakeel of this housing society, and Ch Munir and his son Raheel Munir are the owners of the housing venture. They have spent a lot of money on this project to make it one of the best in the area. They will be giving possession after 1.5 years of booking. Etihad Town, a residential society, has launched a new property investment opportunity that allows its residents to buy their residential and commercial plots from trusted real estate agencies.


Etihad Town is a project by Etihad Builders and Developers in Lahore. It lies in the prime area of Lahore at Raiwind Road, encompassing 1613 kanals of land . As it additionally has great and fast access to various other significant regions. The project is one of the top real estate projects in Lahore. Because of its staggering location and extraordinary features.