Emerald City housing scheme Lahore

The Emerald City Housing Scheme – A Brief Overview

Emerald City housing scheme is an exclusive housing project, that is affordable for first-time home buyers and has been announced in the Pakistan city of Lahore. KB Developers has started its new housing project “Emerald City” in Lahore and launched on Thursday (March 16). Emerald housing scheme is a very good housing project and you can get possession by paying a 42% advance.

This housing project will provide housing opportunities to people living in the suburbs of Lahore. The price of this housing scheme ranges between PKR. 5 to 8.0 million. People who want to buy a house or apartments in the Emerald City housing project must be prepared to pay for it. In order to be eligible for the housing project, you must have a minimum monthly income of PKR 5,000 per month and have some cash savings.

The Emerald City Housing Scheme (ECHS) is a unique scheme for providing affordable homes for people with disabilities. In addition, you must also have a job. You cannot buy a house in this housing project unless you have a job. This housing project has been designed with beautiful interiors, spacious layouts, and high-quality fittings.

The name itself shows that it is a new concept and it is something that Pakistan has never experienced. In fact, this housing scheme is nothing like the old housing schemes because the concept is based on a new idea.


This housing project is located on Kanal Road in Lahore. Its surrounded by other housing projects like LDA City, Al-Jannat homes, etc. If you are new to the Lahore, you must have visited Emeald City housing scheme. You probably didn’t know that it has three major entrances. The first entrance is from Ferozepur Road. The second entrance is from Kanal Road and the third is from LDA Road. Emerald City housing scheme is on the other side of LDA City and Al Janat Home.

The distance between Emerald City and Kanal Road is about 1.2 kilometers. From Ferozepur Road, the distance is 2 kilometers. You can visit the housing scheme by walking or using public transport. The best way to get to the Emerald City housing scheme is by using the SPARCO FACTORY ROAD PANA KAHNA FEROZPUR ROAD. There is a bus going to the housing scheme from Ferozepur Road. You can also take a shared taxi. You can find shared taxis near Ferozepur Road.


Facilities in Emerald City Housing Scheme. there are two hospitals, two schools, one zoo, and a grid station.

The Most Advantages of The Emerald City Housing Scheme

Everyone who is living in the city wants to own a house that has a garden, is close to schools and colleges, and has a good environment. Emerald City housing scheme provides all of the above features to its residents.

You might be wondering why it is the best option for you if it is available in other places too. This article discusses some of the key advantages of Emerald City housing scheme.

The Emerald City Housing Scheme has been launched to provide safe and affordable housing to families living in the slum areas of Pakistan. These families are provided shelter with all basic facilities. The city is named after the emerald color, which means that this city is full of beautiful green and fresh air.

Affordable Housing

In a market, it is very hard to find affordable housing schemes that are in a good condition. On the other hand, this housing scheme is offering a low-cost home that is designed to provide the highest standard of accommodation.

It is also offering this type of housing scheme for every individual, irrespective of his/her economic background.

Housing Near The Quaid Computer College

This housing scheme is located very close to the Quaid Computer College (QCC), and it is offering various computer educational facilities for students.

If you are a student who is studying at UTM then you don’t need to worry about your transportation. There is a bus stop that will take you to your residence in less than 15 minutes.

Safest Environment

In most cities, there are lots of crimes such as burglary, robbery, and theft of vehicles. In such a situation, Emerald City is the safest place to live.

Emerald City housing scheme has a very strong security system that makes it a safe zone for its residents.

More Attractive Facilities Are Given Below 

  • Basic healthcare facilities
  • Green and beautiful city
  • Sports facilities
  • Garden
  • Children’s park
  • Grid Station

Properties Rates In Emerald Housing Scheme

Residential property includes Plots, Single Stories Houses, Double Stories Homes, etc. In order of size, there are different kinds of residential properties, and they are listed here in order of size and pricing. You may also want to buy one of these properties, depending on your budget.

Residential Properties Type

There are three types of residential properties in this housing scheme

According to Plot Size

In this modern housing scheme, there are three types of Plots and various prices according to the Plots sizes. Which are Given Below.

Pricing Schemes Of Plots

Single Stories Homes

This futuristic housing scheme has three different types of Single storied houses. These houses have different price rates according to their types. Which are enlisted below.

Pricing Scheme of Single Stories Homes

Double Stories Homes 

Emerald City housing scheme also has another creative double-story home that has three types of houses. The price listed is given Below.

Price Scheme Of Double Stories Homes

About KB Developer 

The KB developer is known to be the most trusted and the best company in the housing sector. There are thousands of people working in Emerald City and they are happy and satisfied with the concept. The concept has brought a new dimension of happiness to the employees.

What the People Say

Emerald City scheme is being offered to those who have not been given the opportunity in the past. People who were once homeless can now live in luxury. This is not an easy task, though. You will have to place a lot of effort into this new housing project. Make your own plans and follow through with the ones you have made.It is a wise investment because it is a safe and modern housing scheme.

Emerald City Map And Location Details 

Make sure you watch our video so you can get all the details about Emerald City Housing Scheme. 


It is an entirely new concept and it is a new housing scheme in Pakistan. The Emerald City housing scheme is Lahore’s first of its kind. In conclusion, the best thing about the housing scheme is that it is an opportunity for people who currently live in the area to purchase a property that is more affordable than what they could afford on the open market.

In addition, the properties will be maintained and improved by the local authorities to ensure that they are in good condition and suitable for use by anyone who lives in the area. This is the right place to make a living in the most prosperous city in Pakistan, Lahore, with our housing schemes. Contact us and get your share of this unique opportunity. Want to invest in Lahore real estate? Then come over and see us at the best time! Call: 0322-8300121.