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Best Property Portal In Pakistan 2022

We bring to you the best property portal in Pakistan, which will help you to buy/sell properties at an affordable price in Pakistan. If you are interested in searching for property online then Anabia Associate is your destination. Here we are going to discuss the best property portal in Pakistan. The property portal website, which gives insight into properties, services, people, reviews, etc., is the best resource for real estate-related information worldwide.

What Are Property Portal Sites

Property portal sites are basically web portals that allow you to post your real estate properties for sale, lease, rent, or any purpose. The listing can be free or paid. Anabia Associate provides free listing services for all sellers, buyers, brokers, agents, developers, landlords, and tenants of all kinds of property such as apartments, villas, farmhouses, plots, commercial buildings, and office spaces.

A Property Portal is a website that helps people buy and sell homes easily, fast, and free. Property portals are popular in Pakistan and India because they are the most cost effective way for individuals and small real estate firms to find homes to buy and sell. Property portals are easy to use, and simple to navigate.

Property Listing Websites

Property listing sites are websites that allow you to classified and advertise properties for finding buyers. They often have large databases of potential buyers and renters and they work through real estate brokers. Some listings are free, but many require registration. Property Listings sites are sites that sell real estate for a commission. The property listings websites sell their listings to multiple brokers.

Property Portals Websites

A property portal is a website that lets you list your property online and also enables you to get instant replies and inquiries from potential customers and renters. Property portals are popular among real estate agents because they help them to sell and market their properties efficiently. Property portals also provide useful information to buyers such as detailed information about the property, price, and photos.

This helps buyers to make an informed choice. A property portal is different from a real estate agency. A property portal allows you to list your properties for sale online. However, a real estate agent always enables you to attract a buyer for your property. There are many websites like,,,, and that offer property portals.

Property Portal In Pakistan – Property Listings In Pakistan

For people who don’t know what a property portal is, it’s basically a website where you can list your properties and sell or rent them.

Do you know the real cost of the property? Because if you don’t have a clear idea of the market values, then you won’t be able to understand the prices of property and thus you will not be able to buy property according to your requirement.

Do you plan to purchase a new home or invest in property? If you have decided to buy a property then it will be the best investment option for you, because if you buy the property then it will give you a return. Some property portals offer you a free listing if you sign up as a seller. To get a free listing on some property portals, you may need to complete a few basic details about your property.

Where to Buy Property?

A simple google search will give you many useful websites like,, etc. If you are looking to buy a home in Pakistan, then you will have to first check what type of home you want. Do you want a house, flat, apartment, duplex, etc.? What are the amenities? If you have any specific criteria, narrow your search to properties that meet your needs.

Next, you need to shortlist your options and decide on the best property.

How to Sell a Property?

You can sell your property at Anabia for a better price than the other marketplaces. There are several ways to sell a property: you can sell directly to a buyer or use an agent to find a buyer. To sell your property, you will need to fill up a form and register your property on our website An email will be sent to you with all details about your property. Our portal allows you to list your property for free at our portal. 

How To Find The Right Property?

If you are looking for property, you need to check the property price in Pakistan. We have found this property portal to be the best and most reliable way of finding a property at a good price.

Pros Cons

Property portals are a great way of making money by selling your properties. Your property can be sold through online portals. The following are some pros of using a property portal:

  • Sell your property faster
  • Get more customers
  • Get instant replies and inquiries
  • Save time
  • Reduce workload

The disadvantage of using a property portal is that you don’t get the commission or the sale amount. The money goes directly to the property portal. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t earn any money by listing your property on a property portal.

Our Real Estate Portal Services in Pakistan

Anabia Associate is a Pakistani online real estate company that offers a free property portal in Pakistan and a property listing service. It started its portal service in 2020 and it became the country’s top best and leading property portal in Pakistan. This portal provides many free services like Home/Land Advertising, Land tenanting, Property Searching, Property Booking, Property Valuation, Property Management, etc.

The main focus of this portal is customer satisfaction. Anabia Associates is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistan’s leading real estate company.

How to register as a real estate agent or property developer in Anabia’s property portal?

With over 5 thousand property sellers registered on our website we are the most trusted name of Pakistani Real-Estate. Register Now to list your property absolutely free.

There are two ways to register yourself as a real estate agent or property developer in Anabia’s property portal.

First, if you have a business in Pakistan, then you should get a license to do business, and then you can start selling and renting properties through this portal.

Second, if you don’t have any business in Pakistan, then you can register yourself in this property portal and start providing various real estate services through this portal. 

How To Login Into The Property Portal?

Become first to know property market news, view latest property brochures, pictures and details to sell or buy your desired home in Pakistan’s business hub – Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and any city of Pakistan.

To login into this property portal, you can sign in with your email address and pass-word.

Benefits OF Anabia Associate’s Property Portal

We welcome all real estate agents and investors to our property portal, Pakistan’s No.1 free real estate portal, providing you with the most comprehensive directory of commercial and nearest city residential land plots and apartments for sale in Pakistan.

In this property portal, there are various benefits for users.

  • It offers a property search facility through this property portal.
  • The portal provides you different categories of properties.
  • This portal provides you with the properties of Faisalabad,Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, jhelum, and other cities.
  • You can buy and sell properties online through this portal.
  • You can also apply for a property.
  • The Best platform for advertising new housing projects.
  • You can also manage and maintain the properties online through this portal.
  • The properties which are posted by you are searchable on this site.
  • Users can also make an offer and request listings from sellers.
  • A property seller can also receive offers from buyers.
  • A Registered user can also list his own properties online.
  • This portal also provides you with reports of the prices of the properties and the rates of the properties.

What Makes Us The Best? is your one-stop shop to find everything you need about property in Pakistan. There are many reasons to consider when selling your home, and one of the most important factors is to know how much it will cost to sell it. With our online property valuation tools, Anabia Associates makes it easy to find out how much your house is worth – with no upfront fees or costs.

We offer free and instant property valuations for homes and commercial properties at all stages. Anabia Associate is the fastest-growing Property portal in Pakistan. You can Buy Property In Pakistan at the best price range, you are going to pay for a property in Pakistan with us. Anabia Associates will ensure the transaction goes smoothly and within the shortest span of time. 

We are the leading online Property portal in Pakistan. Our team of dedicated real estate professionals strive for customer satisfaction. Sell your own property without paying any commission by using the leading property portal of pakistan, the easiest and fastest property for sale in Pakistan.

Services we provide include real estate consultancy, real estate management, property sale, property purchase, and home loans. Post your property for free! is one of the largest property portals in Pakistan with 100,00+ visitors monthly. 

Our Vision And Mission

We are here to help you make the right choice of property through our portal. The purpose of our portal is to facilitate the users and buyers in making the right choice of properties for them. Our mission is to help people who don’t know where to start looking for their dream house. We believe that the property portal is the most powerful tool to buy/sell your home quickly and easily. 

Our vision is to offer the most comprehensive property listings, property-related information, market analysis, and investment guide. We want to provide free real estate listing services and give people a good platform for buying and selling property. We are always working hard to build a large portal with good features, the best functionality, and easy navigation.


A property portal in Pakistan is the perfect way for you to advertise your property online in Pakistan. A property portal is also known as a real estate portal in Pakistan. If you are interested in selling/renting your property online, then this article will help you do that. Now You Can Advertise and Classify your Property in Pakistan at absolutely free of cost. Buyers, sellers and investors are finding the best property portal in Pakistan here. Anabai is a name of trust in the real estate industry In Pakistan.