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Listings Of Agricultural Land For Sale in Punjab

Are you looking for agricultural land for sale don’t fret. Here is the best place to find new agricultural land in Pakistan. Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan. Most of the revenue for public funds is generated through it. Agriculture is the mode of living for the rural people and it constitute a lot in our economy. The financial stability of Pakistan is indirectly dependent on this sector and that is the reason why agricultural lands are so expensive. If we talk about Lahore there is hardly any agricultural land for sale here and whatever land is available is too expensive to reach.

Agricultural land is contributing a lot in the economy of Pakistan. It contribution is almost 23.4 percent. 70 percent people of Pakistan lives in the rural area and among them 45 percent are engaged directly with the cultivation of crops. It is because of agriculture that raw materials are delivered to industries to be turned into goods. Agriculture has played a huge role in minimizing poverty and giving livelihood to poor people of this country.

The major crops of Pakistan like wheat, maize and barn generates a lot of revenue for the county and this shows how rich agriculture is in value. Because it is rich in value it’s hard to get by. The agricultural land for sale is Lahore is beyond the reach for many people because most of the time government act as a watchdog on these lands.

Types Of Agricultural Lands in Pakistan.

Agriculture is a vast thing. It cover so many areas. We all know that agriculture depends on irrigation that is it needs water to be able to produce healthy and pesticides free crops. On the basis of irritation we can divide the agricultural land into four types.

Nehri Pani Agricultural Land.

This type of land is irrigated by the water of canal (Nehar) it is the most famous among all the four agricultural lands of Pakistan because this type of land is irrigated by natural course of water which is canal. The major crops can be easily produced in this type of land.

Nall Chahi Agricultural Land.

This type of agricultural land is irrigated by both canals and tube well. Usually a tube well is installed near a Nall Chahi land from where the water is delivered to the crops. This kind of land in Pakistan bears good crops because of enough availability of water.

Barani Agricultural Land.

Barani agricultural land is different from the lands we discussed above. This type of agricultural land is not irrigated by canals and tube wells rather it is irrigated by the natural resources of water which are rains and because of the finest ingredients of rain this land yield great groups.

Banjar Land.

Banjar means impotent. This type of land does not yield any crops because nothing grows here. No matter how much water is permeated in a Banjar Land nothing comes out. These kind of land are often taken for housing purposes.

In Pakistan Nehri pani lands, Barani lands and Nall Chahi lands can be found at different places but because of the extreme vegetation these lands are too expensive to buy.

How is agricultural land measured in Pakistan?

Talking about agricultural lands how can one measure the area? It’s pretty simple.

  • 225sqt makes 1 Marla.
  • 20 Marlas make 1 Kanal.
  • 4 Kanals make 1 Bighah
  • And 8 Kanals make 1 acre.

Why It Is Difficult To Find Agricultural Land For Sale in Lahore?

Agricultural land is difficult to acquire in Pakistan because there are too many legalities involved in the buying on this type of land. Land is also called green land and the acquision of green land for housing purposes is banned in Pakistan still behind the closed doors people who get involved in this work gets reprimanded by government. Secondly the agricultural land for sale which is available in Lahore is too expensive. Unless you belong to the feudal class you can buy an agricultural land here.

Thirdly in Lahore two types of land is available which are Sakhni (the residential land) and commercial (the land used for shops and business) these are two major type of land which are available in Lahore. Lahore has a dearth of agricultural land and that is one of the reason its acquision is not possible.

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