Kamahan Village Lahore

Village Kamahan Lahore

Kamahan is the largest village in district Lahore.  On location wise Kamahan village is situated in the heart of famous housing societies i.e   state life Insurance Co-operative housing society, east side,  Bankers Co-operative housing society in North side and Ashiyan Quid in the south. State life housing society and banker town housing societies have been developed in the area of Kamahan Village. Similarly, the area of DHA phase 4 and Sui gas society Phase one have also been developed and constructed owing to sealing by the owner’s of Kamahan and charar pind’s Peoples. As we explained that kamahan is the largest village in district Lahore by regionally, but Its mostly cultivated area has been converted into housing societies.  That is why the price of plots in kamahan is being touched sky on daily base.  Best sewage system and concrete roads have been made in kamahan village. There is also a high school in addition to Primary School for boys and girls. Malik Neshan, Nasir Mehmood (brother of Akhtar Husaan), and Ch Salahudeen are the famous politicians in Kamahan Village.3000 registered votes are in the Kamahan Village.

Religion And Cast

There are two religion dwell in kamahan; Muslim and Christian. Muslims are in majority and christen in Minority.  Two famous cast’s i.e Mewati and Malik are living in kamahan. Two old roads i.e Atta Bakhsh and Shanghai Road are linked with the Kamahan village. There are four Namberdar in kamaha named as ALi Muhammad, Ardimal son of Phory Khan, Shafqat Mayo Son of Ishaq, and Zahid Sulaman son of Sulaman Subrasya. There are only two historical places in Kamahan which are built before Pakistan came into existence.

Postal Address of Village Kamahan Lahore:

Kamahan ‘s Post office is situated in State life Housing society block A. Postal Code and Postal Address of Kamahan Village is (CPOL# 1417 Village Kamahan Lahore Cantt.

Housing Colonies In Village Kamahan.

The surroundings area of Village Kamahan comprises upon various Colonies. Cheapies plots are available in these colonies.

Hajiya Abad Colony,

New Abady Colony,

Bhatti Colony,

Sheikh Colony,

Javeed Colony,

Aman ullah Colony,

Plot rate in these Colonies are six to seven Lac per Marla and the plots 20 to 30 lac per Marla which are attached with Ring Road Lahore in kamahan.

Property Business In Village Kamahan.

30 Percent of the population is linked to the business of the Property/ Real Estate Business. Hundred plus real estate offices are erected in Kamahan Road Lahore. Noor Estate, Taqwa Estate, and Anabia Associate are accolade and famous real estate agencies in Kamahan village.  They are unrivalled expertise and services in residential and commercial and property management in Bankers Town, State life housing society and Defence housing society Lahore.  They are premier real estate agencies and serving real estate services since ten years.

Favorite Game in Village Kamahan Lahore cantt.

Football and Cricket are the favorite game play in kamahan. Suhail Maqsood known as Bowler and Ikram Mayou (batsman) are most famous cricket players in Kamahan.  They are not only talented but also good hitter players as well as good fielders.  In the future it may be presumed that these both young players would earn good famous and highlight the name of the kamahan village. These players snatched many rewards in national level and ready to get international fame. If the government take interest regarding their talent they will be become very valuable for the country, for Kamahan village and for them.